5 days to go!

Somehow, it’s only 5 days until I leave. It seems not long ago that my trip was an event far off in the future. I’d say I’m about 80 % excited, and 20 % nervous…

I had an awful experience with my accommodation last week. Being only 2 weeks until I was due to leave, I was thinking it was about time that I found out which student accommodation I had been allocated. Plus, they said the offers would come out from the beginning of December. So I decided to have a look through my emails from King’s College. I found a hidden attachment, which turned out to be my offer of accommodation! In order to secure your spot, you have to accept the offer – by a week before I saw this email. I completely freaked out. They say that if you don’t accept the offer by the given date, due to the high demand, your place will be given to somebody else.

In my defense, it was poor administration. Two identical emails, with identical body text and subjects, but different attachments. I’d say the incident was 50 % bad administration, 50 % my fault. Believe me, I was kicking myself.

I made this unfortunate discovery in the morning – the evening in London. So I was a wreck the entire day until we could ring up the residence and see what could be done. We called London the minute their business day began. Fortunately, they explained to us that because of all the snow in London, the mail was not fully operational. As such, the administration was allowing students extra time, anticipating that their confirmation forms were struggling in the snail mail.

What good luck. When I’m hating the cold in London, I should remember that it saved me on this occassion. As you can imagine, I was super relieved.   

So I will be living in the London suburb of Hampstead, at a King’s residence called Hampstead Residence. I have a sigle room, but I’ll be sharing a bathroom (eeeeek), kitchen, and living areas. The fact that I still live at home will make this a completely new experience. If you want to have a look at where I’ll be living, check out this link:


It will take me about half an hour to get to uni, including walking to the station and a ride on the tube. The place looks nice, and I’m especially pleased to be living in Hampstead because it’s very close to my cousin’s place. 

I believe it’s thawing out slightly in London, which is good. That means like 1 degree above zero – wooo! I’ve bought heaps of winter stuff. A hard-core coat, thermals, and some really daggy snow boots that I am secretly in love with.

Being the listmaker that I am, I have complied a list of things I have to do before I leave. But I’m finding things to add as frequently as I’m ticking things off. So I better get going and get onto some more of those things…

I guess my next post will be when I’m in London!

Happy new year!


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