The adventures begin

The sun has just come up. I, on the other hand, have been up for 2 and a half hours. This jet lag just won’t go away! I’m wide awake when it’s time to sleep, and struggling to keep my eyes open in the middle of the afternoon. It’s rather frustrating.

Now to the good stuff – but where to start? There is so much to tell. Thursday was a great day. We had a session at uni (although I’m one of the only ones who calls it uni – to my new friends it’s college or school) about living in London. Practical things like public transport, what to do and see, etc. The woman who delivered it was especially entertaining, and she also hosted the pub quiz that night.

I was fortunate enough to sit next to two very friendly American girls for this session, and we ended up spending the afternoon wandering around London together. We found the cutest little cupcake bakery along the way too. We then made our way to the Waterfront bar on campus, where the pub quiz for Study Abroad Students was being held. It looks over the River Thames… such a beautiful and opportune spot.

We got ourselves into teams for the quiz, and I met more really cool people. The amount of friends I’m making is becoming a problem, in that I can’t remember everyone’s name, let alone where they’re from, what they’re studying, and which residence they are living in. But it’s great that so many of us are in the same boat; in a new country and a new environment, and therefore eagre to make new friends. It makes it really easy.

Our team, Fish n Chicks, didn’t score a place, but it was still lots of fun! I met up with a similar group of people yesterday and we went to Oxford Circus. That’s where all the shopping awesomeness can be found. We spend about an hour in Topshop, but could have spend three, and possibly still not have gotten through the whole place. The amount of clothes in there is overwhelming, as is the amount of people. I didn’t get anything in Topshop, although I did get a couple of things in H & M. Australia needs to get with the times – Topshop and H & M are both musts.

Last night, after we had dinner at a very tasty and reasonably priced Thai place near campus, I headed back to Hampstead to hang out with the people in my residence. They were having drinks in the kitchen before going out to some club in Camden. I know my friends at home are sensible, but let me tell you, these people make us look VERY consevative. Although I opted not to go to the club, the pre-drinks experience was pretty fun!

Today I’m meeting up with the same group – there are 4 or 5 Americans, a Canadian, a couple of Spanish girls, and me. We are going to Borough Markets, this specialty food market near London Bridge. It’s supposed to be really cool, so I’m looking forward to it. I passed it last time when I was in London but I didn’t get to see it properly.

This is day 4, and besides the sleeping difficulties, I’m starting to settle in. I’m getting to know the area and the public transport. I’ve unpacked, and yesteday I put photos up on my pinboard. So don’t worry friends, I won’t forget you! I went to the supermarket yesterday – got some groceries and crockery (everyone has to bring their own) as well as cooking stuff. How much I actually make use of these things is another story… But in reality, I do plan to cook! I’ll start with simple things. Yesterday I made a sandwich. Yay.

I thought I would really struggle with the cold, but so far, I’m not phased. It’s going to be 9 degrees today – that’s not cold! My Canadian friend has gone so far as to say that it’s warm. It’s warm everywhere inside. Sometimes it’s so hot inside that it’s nice to get back out into the fresh air. It has been raining quite a bit which is annoying, but that’s how it goes. I’m yet to see snow…

Catch you soon.


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