Bits and pieces

Hello everyone!

I’ve been at uni every day this week, with department welcomes, study skills sessions for new students, and so forth. It’s making me really excited to actually start classes on Monday! For my literature subject, the 18th Centruy Novel, we have to read 7 different novels through the course of the semester. I’m not too sure how I’ll go… Having said that, a number of my friends are taking multiple literature subjects, so they will have to read double or triple that amount. Perhaps I will have to find new friends – they won’t have time to go out!

Anyway, since uni has only been an hour or two per day, we have had plenty of time to keep up our exploring. On Monday, I went with Emily and Colleen to Camden Market – certainly one of my favourite places in London! There’s a whole variety of things there; clothes, music, souvenirs, food, and more. I may have made a purchase or two…

How cute is this?! At a shop in Camden town.

On Tuesday a group of us met at uni and walked to the British Museum. It’s a historical type of museum, with endless amounts of artefacts. The lady who gave us the session about Living in London described it as a bunch of things Britain has knicked from around the world. I thought that was funny – and having seen the museum, very true. That evening, after our Theology and Religious Studies Introduction, Tiernan (an American friend) and I walked back to Great Dover street, one of the residences where a lot of my friends live. It was a super long walk, but it wasn’t too cold out, and walking accross the Waterloo Bridge in the evening provided a great view of many of London’s attractions lit up along the river.

Colleen, Anna, Isabel and me at the British Museum

Hanging out with friends at Great Dover Street apartments, one of the King’s residences.

Yesterday I decided to take the bus to uni. There is a bus which goes from right outside where I live to pretty much right outside uni. It’s cheaper than the tube, but it takes longer. I wasn’t sure how long it would take, so I allowed an hour and a half, but it only took an hour. Another friend, Aditi, had also arrived early, so we had a coffee before the session. I think the bus may be a good option sometimes. You get to see more than when you’re on the tube, and as I said, it’s cheaper – but it is a lot slower!

Anyway, back to yesterday. We finished our session at 1, and then we got some sandwiches from Pret a Manger, an enourmous chain that does really good, reasonably priced food. We ate lunch in Trafalgar Square with the pigeons. Even though there was a sign saying ‘Do not feed the pigeons’ the lady next to us kept doing so, and we got told off! We were like, “It wasn’t us!”

We spent the afternoon at the National Gallery. The building itself is almost as impressive as the artwork inside it. It was a good day for it, because it was rainy and miserable outside. In the evening, I went with three Spaniards, a Canadian and an Ameriacan to see ‘The King’s Speech.’ What a fantastic movie! We all really enjoyed it – and it felt very fitting to be seeing it in London. We went to a cinema in Leicester Square, and it was quite different to going to the movies in Australia. Firstly, the cinema is much bigger. There are two levels (there were in this one anyway) and it’s a different price depending on where you choose to sit. Everyone gathers in the foyer, and doors open at a certain time. It felt more like going to see a show than going to see a movie.

Today I had lunch with Emily and Colleen before my War Studies department welcome. I’m looking forward to my War Studies subject, called ‘Contemporary Security Issues.’ The War Studies Department at King’s is meant to be really good. This evening I’m off to cousin Bev’s for dinner. I’m looking forward to a home-cooked meal – and the complany, of course!

Missing you all back home! (Although to be honest I don’t have a whole lot of time to think about it) 🙂 talk soon xx


One thought on “Bits and pieces

  1. pheebs it sounds like your having an amazing time! I cant wait to see you! Keep the blog posts coming, and thats pretty impressive from me seeing as how i never ever read blogs… Until now! Xoxo

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