Time to actually STUDY abroad

So I left you on Thursday. Since then, I had a lovely dinner at Bev and Roger’s place. Cousin Jason and his girlfriend Charlie were also there, and Jason made a delicious chocolate and pear brownie for desert. There’s an exchange of sorts going on – Jason and Charlie are going to Australia next week!

Friday began with a library tour, which was sufficiently informative. It wasn’t actually a tour – rather they showed us how to use the catalogue etc. A physical tour would have been handy though. The library is ridiculously big and complicated with books spread accross a number of rooms and levels. But it’s amazing!

Right next door to uni is Somerset House; a gorgeous, old building with some form of historical significance – and an art gallery. It’s free for students, so we decided to have a look. At the moment there’s a Cezanne exhibition going on (No, I had not heard of Cezanne prior to going). It was really nice! I’m feeling so cultured..

On Friday night we went to Tutu’s, the KCLSU (King’s College London Student Union) nightclub. It’s named after Desmond Tutu, an alumni of King’s College! I find it very funny that the nightclub is named after Desmond Tutu. After pre-game at Emily’s (that’s pre drinks in American) we headed over. It started off slowly but it turned out to be lots of fun!

The girls looking pretty

Finally I have learnt to sleep in, just in time for the beginning of uni. Yesterday, after a lazy start to the day, I decided to take myself off to the Sherlock Holmes Museum. My friends were at Portobello Road where I went last weekend, so I thought it would be a fun little outing since I had no other plans. And since I’m a little bit of a literary nerd. It was great! I don’t know the stories so well, but I am familiar enough with a few of them to have appreciated the museum.

All of the objects are relevant to one or more of the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Right next door to the museum is the London Beatles store. Even though I’m not a big fan (it’s not that I don’t like them – I just have no strong feelings) it was very cool! Amazing how much stuff they have about one band. I did pick this up:

For those who don’t know, Penny is my nickname.

Today I walked through Hyde Park. It wasn’t too cold, and though it was grey, it didn’t rain til later. I then decided to take the tube to Tower Hill, and check out the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. I didn’t go in to the Tower of London because I did on my last trip and it costs a bit, but I went to the Tower Bridge exhibition. You get to go up to the top, and the exhibits show the history of the Bridge. I really love Tower Bridge – it’s such a beautiful structure. I took lots of photos!

Hyde Park

People often think this is London Bridge. But it’s Tower Bridge!

I walked loads today. Aside from the things I did I was just walking around and exploring. It’s cool, you can never really get lost in London because there will always be a tube station nearby. And once you’re at the tube station, you can find your way back.

Just a side note which I have been meaning to mention. The coffee here is absolutely awful! I have picked the best of a bad bunch, Cafe Nero, as my go-to place. But seriously, I don’t understand how no one in this country knows how to make a decent coffee. I could show them!

So tomorrow classes start. My first is at 10 but I think I’ll go much earlier because I know I won’t be able to find the room. It’s all very confusing at King’s. I’m really excited. I’ve had lots of fun exploring for the past week and a half but I feel like we’re running out of touristy things to do. And getting into a routine will be good. Plus, I’m super keen about the subjects I’m taking.

So, fingers crossed I will find my classes and enjoy them. Im off to make some dinner.

Hope you’re all well.


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