Here and there

So I’m running out of names for my posts… my apologies for the uninspiring title. In fact, my blog from here on in might becaome less interesting, seeing as I am in uni mode now. More studying, less exploring and exciting stuff like that. But I’ve got a bit more to tell you before I become completely studious and boring!

I had a great weekend. On Saturday I showed Jess (Monash buddy) around Hampstead. After a walk around the heath – I continue to discover new parts of this amazing place – we had an amazing lunch at a place on the Hampstead High St that I will definitely be going back to. Taryn and I had a similar outing on Thursday. I love showing friends around Hampstead!

On Saturday night I met up with my friends, and after some drinks at a nice Bar we headed to a bar/club type place near London Bridge. One of the Spanish girls had 3 friends from home visiting her, so our crowd was even bigger (and crazier). It was lots of fun. The only downside of these nights out is how cold it is when we get outside!

Despite being exhausted from the night before, we managed to get up on Sunday morning to go out. At my suggestion, we went to Old Spitafields markets and Brick Lane. It’s a very cool area, and there’s lots of good, cheap stuff to buy at Spitafields. I got a top/jumper type thing which I love. It was one of those situations where I saw it, moved on and couldn’t stop thinking about this item of clothing. My friend Caitlin kindly backtracked with me so we could find it again. When we did, I knew it was meant to be! Brick Lane has a market on Sundays, which was full of vintage clothes and other bits and pieces, including waffles, crepes, and other delicious treats. We all had a great day.

Brick Lane market

Tiernan, Laia and Me after the markets

Other than that, I’m really enjoying my classes. I made my first attempt at borrowing books from the library on Friday – it proved to be quite a challenge. The place is huge and very complicated! The books are spread over multiple levels and different rooms. Map in hand, I managed to locate 2 out of the 3 books I was looking for. Not bad for a first effort.

As I was warned, subjects at University in England give a lot more reading than subjects in Australia. Seriously, I’m going to have my work cut out for me this semester, even with only 3 subjects. They’re really big on the reading here.

I’m feeling really settled here now. My room is feeling like my own, and I am getting into a good routine. My meals are usually one of 2 things: A can of vegetable soup with a bread roll, ar pasta with some kind of sauce. I think that will be the extent of my cooking this semester… sorry to whoever held out any hope that I may become more domesticated. Although, I am getting the hand of doing laundry. I haven’t shrunk anything since the first incident. Plus, I’m not the newbie here anymore – a new person moved onto our floor yesterday. Win!

Oh, and one more piece of exciting news. I just watched Home and Away. Life sure is good.

Catch you soon.


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