What the Dickens!?

Hi there.

It’s getting colder! I’m hoping it might snow. What’s the point of it being this cold if it won’t snow? My friends really want it to snow for me, because I’ve never seen it snow before.

Since I last updated my blog, I’ve done a few fun things. On Tuesday I took myself to the Charles Dickens Museum, which was very good. It’s set up in the house where he lived when he wrote a number of his books, including ‘Oliver Twist.’ And there’s a whole library with the early editions of his books – really cool. I’m enjoying making my way throught the literary sights of London.

This is a coffee shop I came accross near the musem. It gave me fond memories of my Nanna, who would sometimes say ‘What the Dickens?’ It always made me laugh.

Fancy some Dickens?

On the way to the Charles Dickens museum, I came accross a gallery, which was free, so I decided to go in. It turned out to be a really cool exhibition, which I’ve since noticed advertised (and praised) everywhere. It was called ‘High Society’ and it was about the evolution of drugs through time – really interesting. See what I’ve done with the links? I’m getting good at this.

Later that afternoon I met Bev for a coffee after she’d finished work. She tells me that there is good coffee to be had in London – you just need to know where to find it. And the place she took me to was very good, so perhaps she’s right. Throughout my time here, I intend to scope out all the good coffee places.

On Tuesday night, we repeated what is now going to be a weekly pasta night at Great Dover Street. Isabel made a delicious pesto – she’s quite a talented chef! This coming Tuesday, the Spanish girls are making us Spanish omlettes instead of pasta. Apparently they’re really good… I’m looking forward to it.

Pasta night fun

In Australia, I can’t say I ever really do anything to celebrate Australia Day. On Wednesday, Jess invited me to go out with some Australian friends she knows here. We went to the Walkabout, which is the token Australian Pub in London. I invited a Melbourne girl who lives a couple of floors below me here in Hampstead to come along, so there was a whole bunch of people. The place was decked out with Australian Flags, giant tim-tam packets, kangaroo soft toys, and heaps of other stereotypical Australian paraphernalia. They played lots of Australian music too. We got there before 4 in the afternoon, and stayed into the evening. I think it was one of my highlights of the trip so far. I certainly feel far more nationalistic when I’m abroad!

Tami, Jess and me at the Walkabout. Happy Australia Day!

In between classes and working for my classes, a few of us went out last night, which was fun. Today I’m just taking it easy. My friends have gone to Oxford, but I decided not to go since I went last time I was here. I’m planning some kind of outing for tomorrow, but I’m not too sure what it will be yet.

The time is absolutely flying here. I can’t believe it’s been almost a month. At the same time, it feels like I’ve been here for ages. Difficult to explain, but you probably get what I mean.

I hope everybody is well. Mssing you all!


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