A Truffle Shuffle, Nutella Day, and general fun times

Today marks one month since I arrived in London. Hard to believe! If it keeps up at this pace, I’m going to be home in no time. That prospect doesn’t appeal to me so much! But to be serious, it has been a fantastic first month abroad. Hopefully you have been able to ascertain that from my blog posts thus far.

Not only is today one month since I arrived in London, but it’s also World Nutella Day. Who knew there was such a thing? We decided to celebrate this occasion with a nutella breakfast this morning (cooked by Isabel of course). We had crepes with nutella and banana – thouroughly enjoyable.

I had stayed the night with my friend Aditi at Great Dover street, instead of heading back to Hampstead after a night out, and so as to be there this morning for the Nutella Day celebrations. Last night’s activity deserves a mention. This week at KCL (that’s King’s College London) was RAG week, which stands for Raising and Giving. Throughout the week there are various events which all raise money for charity. And students dress up and hit the streets collecting donations. It’s a really good concept.

Anyway, last night RAG week culminated with an event called ‘Truffle Shuffle.’ It was an ’80s themed party at Tutu’s, the nightclub on campus. Earlier in the week we went to Primark to get outfits for the night. Primark is like Target, but bigger, cheaper, and way more hectic. I got a dress there for 2 pounds! And a bunch of other stuff for not much more. Everyone really got into the theme, and the night was lots of fun.

In the week since I last posted, I have done a lot. Last Sunday, I went to Kensington Palace, which has been a residence of the British Royal family since the 17th Century. It has been done up into an enchanted exhibition which was really cool. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to take photos inside. It’s set in the lovely Kensington gardens, where I was able to take a couple of photos…

It was sunny!

These guys are everywhere.

On Monday night I went out to a jazz bar in Soho with some of my neighbours. One of the things about living with lots of international students from elsewhere in Europe is that their friends visit all the time. So it’s an oportunity to meet even more new people. At the moment, the French girl has 2 friends here, and the Spanish girls have visitors too. It makes me wish Australia was closer, so my friends could just pop over for a few days.

On my day off on Tuesday, I decided to visit the Tate Britain – the often overlooked sibling of the fantastic Tate Modern. It houses mainly British art from the last few centuries, and there’s some great stuff there that I enjoyed having a look at.

Another highlight of the week was my discovery of Carnaby street and the surrounding area. (Thanks Justine for the tip) It is a cool little lane off a big city road with some really nice boutiques, interesting/alternative shops, pubs, and so forth. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, but I will have to go back there again.

On Wednesday night a couple of my neighbours and I decided at the last minute to go and see ‘Black Swan.’ We had to sit in the front row because it was almost sold out by the time we bought our tickets. Besides the strain it put on our necks, I think sitting in the front row made the movie even more intense. I was not expecting it to be a (sort of) horror movie. I was expecting a drama, so it threw me off a little bit. It was really good though!

Instead of our usual Tuesday pasta night this week, we had ‘patata’ night on Thursday. Anna and Laia (the Spaniards of our group) treated us to the traditional Spanish omlette, otherwise known as ‘tortilla de patata.’ It was really good! It’s kind of like an omlette, but with potato. Just in case we were missing Isabel’s culinary talent, she made the most delicious chocolate brownies for dessert. In caramel sauce… mmmmm. If I come back a whole lot heavier, I blame Isabel.

So there’s my week in highlights. Tomorrow Bev is giving me a much-needed cooking lesson. Other than that, I’ll just do some reading. I want to try and get ahead with my uni work in time for my trip to Paris. That’s right, in a week from today I’m going to Paris. 🙂

I hope everyone is OK at home! I’ve seen photos of the flooding – woah. Looks like I’m missing some intense weather.

Take care, catch you soon.


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