I’m sitting here, in the laundry, waiting for my clothes to dry so I can pack them for Paris! I’m super excited to think that this time tomorrow we’ll be beginning our first adventure abroad. We’ve planned all sorts of things we want to do over the 4 days.

This last week has been a really good one. The other day, the Malaysian Phoebe (spelt Phebe) on our floor took us to a Malaysian place for lunch. I found it quite funny that on the door of the place it said ‘Only Malaysians allowed to enter’ or something along those lines. Well, they didn’t kick 10 paying customers out, even though clearly only one of us was Malaysian. It was really good food, although a little too spicy for my taste.

The restaurant was part of the Malaysian Consulate or Embassy I think…

Other highlights of the week have included classes, a take-away/movie night with friends, and a couple of days of sunshine! I made the most of the sun when I didn’t have class on Tuesday, and went to Regent’s Park. I’ve decided that my favourite thing about London is the parks. They’re everywhere, and are all absolutely beautiful.

Regent’s Park

Last night, I decided to introduce some of my friends to Vegemite. I found it at the supermarket, and had to buy it. I have to say, it didn’t get the most positive reception. A couple of people liked it, but the rest hated it. Many just thought it was plain weird. I had fun seeing their reactions though!

Next week is reading week, which means no classes. Hence the trip to Paris. In my next post, on my return, I’m sure I will have more exciting things to tell. Until then, take care.


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