A week in the life

Here is a (semi) quick post to update you on some highlights of the last week.

Last Wednesday night, we decided to make the most of a ‘2 for 1’ pizza night for students at a cool pub near where some of my friends live. It was definitely the best pizza I’ve had since I’ve been here. (Granted, I’ve only had pizza twice, but it was really good.) After dinner, I experienced the phenonomenon of ‘Sports Night’ for the first time. Every Wednesday, the King’s College sports teams compete in their various matches and events. On Wednesday evenings – or even as early as the afternoon, I’m told – the teams gather at Guy’s Bar, (the bar on another KCL campus) to celebrate their wins, or comiserate their losses. The nights are often themed, and the teams get pretty riled up with a variety of drinking games and rituals. Of course, I’m not on a sports team myself – but it was still a lot of fun. I found it interesting, because at Monash I’ve never come accross any such university spirit.

Another highlight of the week was doing some shopping on Oxford street. Having brought just one suitcase from home, my wardrobe has been feeling very limited lately. So I decided to visit H & M, Zara, and a few other favourites. I picked up a couple of nice things (one item I may have already shrunk in the wash… oooops).

On Friday night, I attended my first Shabbat dinner since having been in London. It was really nice for me, since I’m used to having one every week at home. The ritual lighting of candles, the brachot (and the chicken soup!) felt that bit more special than when I’m at home. I was invited to relatives who I was not so familiar with, but they made me feel very welcome. It was nice getting to know my third cousins, and I look forward to seeing them again while I’m here. Oh, and I must mention that the food was absolutely delicous!

On Saturday we went to Borough market. Depending on how carefully you’ve been reading my blogs, you may recall me having talked about it as one of the first places I went to when I got here. It’s primarily a food market, containing all sorts of amazing delicacies. Colleen had been told by a friend about this famous mushroom pate we had to try. It certainly lived up to the talk – yum! We had a good lunch at the market, which partially consisted of samples from various stalls.

On Saturday evening a few of us went out to bar in Covent Garden, which was fun. But it’s last night that I want to get to! Last night, being Monday night, Bev took me to see ‘Billy Elliot’ (the musical) as my birthday present. It was absolutely fantastic! To any of my fellow temporary Londoners reading this blog, if you’re thinking of seeing a show, I highly reccomend this one. It was not exactly what I expected. Although I shouldn’t make that statement, because logically I should then say what I did expect, and I’m not entirely sure what that was. The show was full of dancing (of course), the sets were great, the music was catchy, the actors were super talented, and I even learnt a bit of British history. Bev and I both really enjoyed it.

Aside from these activities, my classes are going really well. My Jewish studies subject was particularly interesting this week, the topic being Feminism in Judaism. I’m looking forward to our field trip to Jewish London, which is coming up later this month. And as usual, I’ve been reading lots for class this week. Right now, I have to get started on some essays with quickly approaching due dates. Surely it’s not March already?  Wow.

Hope everyone is well. Catch you soon.

P.S. My apologies for the lack of photos in this post. Now that I’m less of a tourist, and more of a temporary resident, it seems that I’m taking less photos.


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