Sunshine in London!

There are many wonderful things about living in London. One thing in particular that I’m getting a lot out of is the proximity to literary history. I’ve been to Shakespeare’s Globe, visited the Charles Dickens museum, seen areas where famous authors once lived, and so forth. This week, for my class ‘The Novel in 18th Century Europe’ I’m writing an essay on Samuel Johnson’s Rasselas. As it happens, the house where Johnson lived and wrote for part of his life is just a short walk from my university campus. Our teacher told us that there is a museum about his life and work set up there. So, on Wednesday after class I took myself on a little field trip to have a look (and get some inspiration for my essay!) It was a charming place, creaky floorboards and all. Very interesting, too. But the real thrill was that I could just go there, to Samuel Johnson’s house. It’s things like that which make me excited to be in London, even though I’ve been here for two months now and the initial novelty has worn off.

Early editions of Johnson’s work

Last week at King’s was ‘Media Week.’ Throughout the week they had competitions, events, talks and other stuff. On Wednesday evening I went with my friend Aditi to a panel discussion of young women working in the media. It covered a range of interesting topics, such as work experience and the importance of social media. I found it reassuring that the challenges I face as a budding journalist seem to be universal.

On Friday night, a group of us (Jewish and non-Jewish) made a Shabbat dinner. We all brought something along, and we even lit candles and said the brachot beforehand. A Canadian Jewish girl and myself lead the way. It was fun to introduce the others to our customs. The challah went down especially well.

Our Shabbat spread. (The remote control on the table sort of ruins the mood)

Colleen currently has her close friend here from America, so on Saturday night we went out to a night club in Camden. It was a lot of fun, although by Sunday I was exhausted, having been out on Thursday night (with friends from my floor at residence) and Friday night too. Ahhh, the life of an exchange student…

Saturday night – Sabrina and me

It has been sunny lately! Yesterday I went with a friend for a walk to the delightful Hampstead Heath. I’m always discovering new parts of it – yesterday we found a mini zoo with all sorts of interesting animals. Today was a beautiful day too. Between my classes, I sat outside and read! It’s funny here, as soon as there’s a hint of sunshine, people lose the big coats and boots and bring out their spring wardrobe. I’m not quite there yet…

Deer at Hampstead Heath

I other news, I’ve booked a trip to Ireland in April with a few others, which I’m looking forward to.

Catch you soon.


4 thoughts on “Sunshine in London!

  1. Phoebe, I both admire and envy the way you manage to convey all your facts so concisely and nicely. Definitely a good trait for a journalist to have. 😉

    I agree about the spring wardrobes coming out! I saw a nice coat on sale in Dorothy Perkins just about two weeks ago and I thought I’d go back to buy it since I’m actually always cold in my current coat, and when I went back, every single coat was gone and replaced by bright spring wear, haha. I wonder what they even do with that unsold stock!

  2. Phoebe darling. I am loving your exploits and travels. I feel like I am there with you. You obviously get your writing skills from me (?).
    Keep enjoying and keep on keeping us in the loop.


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