A Penny for your thoughts

Long time no post – my apologies. I’ve been busy with uni work, socialising, and life in general. A few highlights of the last couple of weeks have included:

  • Going out for a nice dinner for my friend Caitlin’s 21st birthday last weekend
  • A visit to the Museum of London, a museum about the history of London. At the moment they have a special exhibition of photography of London, which was really good.
  • Spending time with cousin Jason and his girlfriend Charlie. They had me over to their place for dinner the other night, where I enjoyed hearing about their recent trip to Australia. And Jason, I must say, cooks very nicely! 
  • A movie night with friends. We watched ‘Letters to Juliet,’ which got me really excited for my trip to Italy in May. Sabrina (my travel partner for this trip) and I have Verona high on the itenerary.
  • Some mild – and occasionally sunny – weather (when I say mild I mean above about 10 degrees celcius…)

So, life is running pretty smoothly. Yesterday I was again reminded how quickly my time here is progressing, in that I had my first last lecture – if that makes sense. In less that two weeks, I’ll be finished with all my classes. It’s exciting, but sad at the same time.

It’s exciting because, while I came here to study, a huge part of the experience was always going to be the travelling I would to have the opportunity to do. And once uni is over (with the minor obstacle of upcoming exams) I plan to do lots of travelling around Europe.

It’s sad that term is ending because I’m thouroughly enjoying being a student at King’s College. My classes have been interesting and challenging, and the University life has been a lot of fun. I will briefly glorify myself by drawing your attention to the fact that King’s has been awarded ‘University of the Year’ by the Sunday Times. (An award won last year by Oxford University)

While the semester seems to have flown before my very eyes, there are times when it seems that the time isn’t passing so quickly. These are the moments when the inevitable feelings of missing home kick in. Note my conscious omission of the term ‘homesickness’ – I would no go so far as to call it that. Rather, there are just some times where I think of a home comfort that would be really nice to have. For instance, stretching out on the couch to watch TV with my cat Pepper on top of me. Or finding dinner on the table with little to no effort on my part. (Thanks Mum) Of course, I miss my family and my friends. I often wish I could just call one of my friends to go for a quick coffee and a catch-up..

That’s all for my philosophical musings for now – an essay awaits. I hope everyone is well!


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