Because blogging is more fun than studying…

Aside from my trip to Scotland (see previous post), there are a couple of other things to fill you in on. First of all, my brother’s super-quick visit last week on his way to meet our parents. He arrived on Thursday night, and was in London for about 18 hours altogether. Taking sleep into account, plus arriving in advance at the airport, there wasn’t much time to do a whole lot of sightseeing. But I was determined that for Simon’s first time in London, he would see something worthwhile.

So I got him up early on Friday morning (those of you who know him well would know that that is no small feat) and we made our way into the city. We started off with Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, continued to Trafalgar Square, the Strand, Covent Garden, and took a walk along Waterloo Bridge. We even had time for a quick trip to Borough market. We rode on the top of a Double Decker bus, saw plenty of red phone boxes, and saw some policemen in their funny hats.

I think he enjoyed the fast-paced tour, and was able to get a feel for the city, which was what I had intended. I look forward to putting my tour guide skills to good use again when my friend Natalie comes to London in less than a month’s time! Anyway, it was really good to see Simon after a few months. I like to think that he missed me too…

On Saturday, I went with Bev, Jason and Charlie on a trip to Dover Castle. It is marvellously situated above the white cliffs on the Kent coastline, and boasts an eventful history. It was built way back in the 12th Century, and has been used for different purposes up until last Century.

Part of the Castle

We took a train there, and saw some pretty English country side along the way. There is plenty to explore at the Castle, including the medieval tunnels and the Great Tower. After a grey start, it turned out to be a sunny day and we were able to enjoy the picnic we had brought.

Charlie, Jason and Me

Tomorrow I have my last exam, and then on Saturday I’m headed to Italy for two weeks – perhaps my most anticipated trip of this entire six months. On the one hand I’m pleased to be finishing exams, but on the other hand, I get this overwhelming feeling that everything is almost over. And it is. In just over six weeks I’ll be coming home; and of my time left overseas I only have about a week left in London…

Anyway, I have to go and study. Can you tell I haven’t given the books sufficient attention lately?

Catch you soon.


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