Las Vegas

The flight from Kansas City to Las Vegas provided some amazing views over the desert. When you think about it, Las Vegas really is a strange place. It’s this crazy, overwhelming, 24/7 city of lights smack bang in the middle of a desert. I suppose it is what I thought it would be, just more so. Everything is extravagant, everything is excessive. Especially the heat.

We arrived at our hotel, the Monte Carlo, which was epic – particularly after almost a month of staying in hostels. We each had queen size beds. There were about 4 pools in the hotel. Cable television, big bathroom, all of that. You don’t have to pay much for luxury in Vegas, which is great. As my Dad explained to me, they make all their money from people who gamble. Well, they lost out on me. I won $200. I have no skill in gambling whatsoever; it was just good luck in Casino Wars.

2 x $100 chips! yeah 🙂

We spent our time exploring the various hotels along the main strip, each of which are spectacular. They are all themed. For example, the Venetian has little canals inside, and New York New York has a mock Empire State Building, etc. My personal favourite was the Bellagio, with its famous fountain which regularly erupts into a magnificent display.

Inside the Bellagio

We pretty much just lived it up. We sat by the pool, baking in the sun and sipping cocktails. I had to go in the water every 5 minutes because it was just so hot.

Me and Sabrina at the pool – can you tell who tans more easily?

Our three days in Las Vegas seemed to just morph together. If you wanted, you could get a drink at 6am and start on the pokies at 7. We didn’t do that but it’s a unique place to be.

We took one day to visit the Grand Canyon. We flew over in a tiny plane for 18 people, which was an experience in itself. I hadn’t realised, but there are a number of areas – or rims – which make up the Grand Canyon. We opted to visit the south rim. The views are simply unlike anything you can ever imagine. It’s just this vast expanse of rock formations and you’re above it, looking in. I think I took some good photos but they don’t quite do it justice.

The flight over to the Canyon

Another highlight of Vegas was seeing a Cirque du Soleil show, the Beatles ‘Love.’ They took a number of the most popular Beatles’ songs and performed them with acrobatics, dance and lots of colour. It was done on a 360 degree stage, and was a brilliant, enjoyable show.

Las Vegas is crazy, overwhelming, and wonderful. If you can move past a bit of tackiness and drunkenness here and there and manage not to hate the place, it’s a whole lot of fun. We certainly had a ball.

The strip illuminated at night